Time to get excited...

... because soon they will be here...  

The full line-up, with all 10 animals. 5 larges ones with 5 small ones.

The FableWood Pick-me-up's 

The five large animals: bear, dog, chicken, penguin and wolf
The Little Pick-me-ups: bear-cub, chicken, puppy, wolf-pup and little penguin

Go ahead - pick me up

The Pick-me-ups are meant to be...well... picked up, of course!

 Meet the Pick-me-up's

The dogs, Buddy & Molly, so full of spirit
The Chicken, Henny, and the Chick, Viola, cuddling up
The Wolves, Wulf & Luna, howling at the moon
The penguins, Daisy & Freddy, protective and caring in every way
The bears, Teddy & Yrsa, always in a jolly mood

 Freedom to animate 

With two separate parts, you get to create your very own expressions

The Little ones - Magnetic

All the small Pick Me Ups have a distinct feature. MAGNETS!

Underneath the small Pick-me-up's you will find a magnet.

These magnets allow the small Pick-me-ups to be combined with the existing magnetic wooden animals from FableWood. Keep on unfolding the creative universe.

The new small ones can be combined with the existing collection

Get ready to care

"Please give me a hug" said the penguin, who needed some care
The bear wants to be hugged....


It can be hard to wait and nobody is more impatient than we are! We can hardly wait until Aug '22 when the first animals hit the stores. We look forward to show them to you!

Rasmus, Lars & Kristian